Have you ever experienced bad ads appearing in your mobile app? If so, or if you're worried about the possibility, you should take a serious look at the VRTCAL ad blocking dashboard (pictured above). VRTCAL provides FREE InApp bad ad blocking and reporting services.

So what kind of bad ads are we talking about? There are three (3) types of bad ads that get blocked on our platform:

  1. Non-compliant - Ads that fail to comply with industry standards, brand guidelines or approved media formats.
  2. Suspicious & Malicious - Ads that will compromise sites with malware, malicious behaviors or embedded viruses.
  3. Offensive & Disruptive - Ads that autoplay with audio, redirect users to other websites or feature content that's inappropriate or irrelevant.

If you have any display demand partners that you suspect may have bad ads or just want to protect all of your display inventory, you can use VRTCAL's bad ad blocking and reporting features FREE. VRTCAL will block bad ads and our reporting will list which demand partners and what type of bad ads are showing up in your inventory. We'll also help you investigate further details.