$5mm App Developer Fund
VRTCAL has launched a bonus fund to encourage mobile application developers to use its in-app monetization technologies. Our platform includes a Marketplace, SaaS Services and SDKs to help you increase revenue, decrease cost and achieve a greater portion of the ad spend through direct connections.
Three Bonus types are available to get you started:

Direct Marketplace Integrations




  • What are the basic requirements? You need to be the owner of a mobile application that is listed in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and use display or video advertising to monetize.
  • How can we know how much we can be paid? The size of your audience will directly determine the level of your bonus.
  • Do we have to install your SDK? No. You can receive a launch bonus for simply adding VRTCAL to your ad stack. This can be done via JS tag, VAST tag, Server-to-Server connection, Prebid or RTB Bidder.
  • If we integrate your SDK, will we be paid a larger bonus? Yes.
  • If we start the FREE trial of your SaaS, will we be paid more bonus? Yes.
  • Will we be locked into your SaaS Service if we try it for FREE? No. You can end it anytime.
  • Will the SaaS Service actually save us costs and directly connect us to advertisers? Yes.

E-mail us at hello@vrtcal.com for more details and to find out your bonus level.