Recover 10-25% of lost mobile app advertising revenue in as little as 5 days

You’ve worked for months or even years perfecting a new app that has 150,000 or more downloads from the App Store. You’ve stretched your budget and started taking on extra coding work to support the effort, only to learn that . . .

Yes, you’re being ripped off.

A recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers found that mobile app publishers receive no more than 51% of advertiser spend. So, where does the other 49% go? We call those unknown costs. Much of it goes to middlemen margins and the rest of it is lost to inefficiencies that are well hidden and hard to find.

But the good news is that you could be earning a lot more.

Our platform will simplify, unify, and increase the efficiencies of your ad stack and connect you directly to more advertisers for better transparency

So, what can you do?

Well, you need to optimize your ad stack. And unless you have 20 hours a day to manage it with your current tool set, you’re going to need to find a partner who can handle it for you.

What the Demand-Path Optimization (DPO) platform from VRTCAL can do for you

The Demand-Path Optimization platform from VRTCAL requires a little effort on your part initially. We have SDKs for both iOS and Android for you to integrate. We fully support our platform and have easy to understand integration documentation. We currently offer support by e-mail, phone, Skype and Slack.

To make life easier, we’ve got a special offer coming your way that, if you want to start earning more money from your advertising, you need to take advantage of pretty fast.

Get a free one-month trial with a $1,000 credit.

Starts on 1st ad request to your demand partners in your account
No limit on demand partner connections
Includes both S2S & RTB connection types
No limit on the # of your apps and ad units
Includes all available efficiency controls
Your demand partners pay you directly
See our SaaS Calculators to detail your own scenario.
  • 10 S2S & 10 RTB demand partners
  • $0.28359 / 1 million ad requests from apps
  • $0.38382 / 1 million outbound to S2S
  • $0.49454 / 1 million outbound to RTB
  • 110 million ad requests from your apps
  • 1.1 billion ad requests to S2S partners
  • 1.1 billion bid requests to RTB partners
  • This can save you $10,000 in current costs

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