Header bidding has become the ad tech industry standard for desktop. There were some bumps along the way, with a patchwork of proprietary wrappers.

In 2015, Prebid.js started to be a free and open-source solution that has since become commonplace. With Prebid proving to be so successful in streamlining header bidding practices for the web, Prebid mobile was developed to address some of the similar problems developers were seeing when integrating header bidding into mobile apps.

Developers now have a single SDK that provides a single integration with Prebid servers in a transparent, open source header bidding solution. What results are reductions in ad ops burden, lower latency, and easy integration with many demand partners via the OpenRTB standard.

VRTCAL offers both the Prebid adaptor for InApp and Prebid.js for mobile web.

About Prebid.org

Formed in September of 2017, Prebid.org is an independent organization designed to ensure and promote fair, transparent, and efficient header bidding across the industry. Funded by dues-paying members, it manages the open source projects Prebid.js, Prebid Mobile, Prebid Server, Prebid Video, Prebid Native, and others. Prebid.org is open to all companies who are part of the programmatic ecosystem, from ad tech vendors to publishers and others. We believe strongly that by working together, we can do some great things in the industry.