VRTCAL has received the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) “Certified Against Fraud” Seal, to uphold the highest standards against fraudulent, nonhuman traffic in digital advertising.
To meet the requirements of the certification, VRTCAL incorporated specific pre-bid and post-bid services to insure its advertisers only receive ad requests from real users of the highest quality. VRTCAL utilizes a 100% pre-bid filtering of DeviceID, Domain, and IP block lists.
TAG launched its Certified Against Fraud program in 2016 to combat invalid traffic in the digital advertising supply chain. The TAG Anti-Fraud Working Group developed and maintains the Certified Against Fraud Guidelines, as well as a suite of anti-fraud tools to aid in compliance with those guidelines.
By encouraging companies in the digital advertising industry to meet these standards, the TAG Certified Against Fraud Program has been shown to be an effective tool in reducing fraudulent invalid traffic. Companies that are shown to abide by the “Certified Against Fraud” Guidelines receive the Certified Against Fraud Seal and can use the seal to publicly communicate their commitment to combating fraudulent nonhuman traffic in the digital advertising supply chain.