We hope this helps! In-banner - In-banner ads are played in banner placements within the content. In-stream - In-stream video ads are played in video players. They are played before, during, or after other content. Out-stream - Out-stream video ads are embedded within the body of content, such as an article, likely set to auto-play when the reader reaches the part of the page that contains the ad. Audio is typically muted. VAST - VAST stands for Video Ad Serving Template, which is an XML based protocol that provides a uniform standard. Pure VAST does not allow the buyer to measure viewability, but it does allow the measurement of starts, quartile completions, and completed views. VPAID - VPAID stands for Video Player Ad-Serving Interface Definition. There are two types of VPAID modules, JavaScript and Flash, allowing (1) highly interactive video ads and (2) measuring viewability. MRAID - MRAID stands for Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) that allows advertisers to create HTML5 and JavaScript ads. It allows users to expand and resize ads.