Helping publishers take direct control of their ad monetization

SANTA BARBARA, California, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Adtech supply-side company VRTCAL today announced the integration of its bidding platform with Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM). This step represents the next move forward in VRTCAL’s strategy to universally further publishers’ capabilities to take back control of their ad monetization.

“We are very excited to integrate APS,” said Monica Chang, Director of Strategic Partnerships at VRTCAL. “Amazon Ad’s offerings show its dedication to provide publishers the ad monetization capabilities that help us to move our digital media sector forward. VRTCAL shares this philosophy.”

The integration provides publishers with direct access to more advanced tools to increase ad monetization, access to a variety of ad units, and added value through support for updated performance enhancements.

“Our platform is already seeing significant transactions reporting as a result of this integration," said Bijan Ziaei, Director of Demand Partnerships at VRTCAL. "As an adtech supply-side platform integrating with APS, we look forward to further bridging the gap between our advertisers and direct publishers.”

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About VRTCAL Markets, Inc. (“VRTCAL”)
VRTCAL is the only open adtech SSP and SaaS company focused on Demand-Path Optimization, reducing the vertical distance between mobile apps and advertisers, and developing technologies that make a difference. The VRTCAL platform is a proprietary architecture that offers SDKs, SaaS services, oRTB, multiple mediation types, innovative technologies to increase app developer inventory value, and a marketplace with premium brands and advertisers.