SANTA BARBARA, California, May 5, 2022  -- VRTCAL, a leading mobile SSP focused on Demand-Path Optimization (DPO) for mobile app developers, today announced the release of its latest SDKs for Android and iOS mobile devices that includes support AppLovin, Fyber and IronSource adapters. In addition, VRTCAL engineering released its API 3.0.

The SDK releases for Android and iOS include the following additions:

- AppLovin Adapter and Plugin Support
- IronSource Adapter and Plugin Support
- Fyber FairBid Adapter Support Added
- Fyber Marketplace Adapter Support
- Performance and Security Enhancements

With the release of API 3.0, VRTCAL reporting upgrades cover:

SDK Metrics
SaaS Metrics
- Server-to-Server Display
- RTB Display & VAST
VRTCAL Marketplace
- Display
- Export
- Scheduled E-mail

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About VRTCAL Markets, Inc. (“VRTCAL”)
VRTCAL is the only open SSP and SaaS company focused on Demand-Path Optimization, reducing the vertical distance between mobile publishers and advertisers, and developing technologies that make a difference. The VRTCAL platform is a proprietary architecture that offers SDKs, oRTB, multiple mediation types, innovative technologies to increase publisher inventory value, and a MarketPlace with premium brands and advertisers. VRTCAL has offices in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.