VRTCAL SDK version 1.0

We listened to you and concentrated our efforts to develop the VRTCAL SDKs, Platform and MarketPlaces to offer the following publisher focused features.

  • Self service signup, for new publishers
  • Automated ownership verification
  • Published test applications, for Android and iOS
  • Unified reporting options
  • MRAID support
  • GDPR support
  • CCPA support
  • VRTCAL MarketPlace
    • Dynamic bid floors, including by geo
    • PMP deal CPMs
    • Pixalate pre-bid blocking and reporting
    • Bad ad blocking and reporting
  • Open-Display MarketPlace (an open 3rd party tag mediation service)
    • Add any 3rd party display tag you want, to create your own Display Tag MarketPlace
    • Tag tester/verification
    • 1st ad request (1st look / tier 1) management
    • Bad ad blocking and reporting
    • Toggle tags on / off
    • Bid floors by geo
    • Daily and hourly caps, including by geo
    • % of inventory, including by geo
    • Waterfall depiction

In coordination with the feature rich offering of VRTCAL’s SDKs, our team has been hard-at-work to bring our publishers direct and unique revenues. VRTCAL’s MarketPlace now offers the following for qualified publishers.

  • Agency PMPs
  • Brand direct PMPs
  • Agency and Brand direct PMPs focused on Engaged Users
  • Agency and Brand direct PMPs focused on Direct Pay

To qualify as a publisher for these types of revenues, your privacy policy needs to be compliant with current standards. Please reach out to your VRTCAL contact to see if you already qualify, or we are always available at hello@vrtcal.com.