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VRTCAL is a best-in-class Mobile Supply Side Platform with the mission to reduce the vertical distance between advertiser goals and their targeted audiences.

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The VRTCAL MarketPlace comprises qualified premium developers and publishers looking to monetize their properties through brand advertisers. Our MarketPlace translates into straight-line economics for the advertisers, the developers, and publishers.

Increase and enhance your monetization

• Join other successful developers and publishers using VRTCAL to build upon or create your sustainable mobile revenue model.

• Manage your mobile ad inventory in our MarketPlace and utilize our team of sales engineering experts.

Take Control

• Increase your revenues and deliver ads to your audiences that are specific to your content and targeted users.

• Our MarketPlace reporting is in real-time. You can review and adjust your trafficking without having to wait on data.

• You are able to review performance, analyze trends, and optimize your revenues to the finest detail. Our platform is intuitive with real-time performance, activity, fill rate and revenue earning data.

Work with our experts

• Every ad impression that goes unfilled can be lost revenue to you.

• Our team is available to assist you operationally and technically to make sure that your mobile properties are producing efficient revenues.

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Gain VRTCAL’s top expertise for Pre-Roll and In-Page ad units. Utilize our VMobility player for better campaign performance.

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Expand the reach and effectiveness of your mobile display campaigns through VRTCAL’s display MarketPlace. Access our large audience base to promote your brand.

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Integrate VRTCAL’s native video and display ad units to expand your revenue model.

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Rewarded Video

Increase your video CPMs through our rewarded video ad units.

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Let us help you reach your target audience with precision and accuracy through our advanced targeting capabilities.

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